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Members Get Ready to Submit Your Work!


CWA Members Get ready to submit your poems and/or

short stories for our upcoming Anthology "CWA""lity


We have asked for up to 10 pages of your best.

What We Are Looking For ~ Styles


What We Are Looking For ~ Styles

Short Stories
Short Stories up to 12,000 words will be considered. However, “twelve thousand” is not a goal or a challenge, it’s an upper limit. More important than word count is the quality of your work: we are looking for excellent, polished writing that pulls us into an engaging story.

Most forms are considered, both metered and unmetered, traditional and experimental. Poems from 3 to 100 lines have the best chance of acceptance. You may submit up to three poems at a time, but a separate submission form must be completed for each poem.          

Flash Fiction
The ideal length for Flash Fiction submissions is about 500 to 750 words, but pieces up to 1500 words may be submitted in this category. Remember that Flash Fiction is not the same as Vignette; your short piece should still present an interesting and compelling story.

Creative Non-Fiction
Creative Non-Fiction is the beautiful union of exposition and literature. Tell us a true story, and tell it well. Word count limits are the same as for Short Stories.



Inspired by their grandmother, Author Carolyn Ellison, we now have the priviledge to say 
" Meet Two of the Youngest Authors in CWA - Kimauri & Kiasia"


  CWA members prepare for new anthology!

       (More to come, Shh!)


Our Next Meeting

Richland Library

1431 Assembly Street

Monday, July 13, 2015

 Landrum Powell Conference Room

(Third Floor)

6:30pm - 8:30pm

Attendees and members please bring your work in progress

And work to submit to the Anthology

Surprise Guest TBA


The Columbia Writers Alliance functions as
 an organization that seeks to serve the community 
by building a bridge between literature and the arts.

We are committed to the following:

~~Developing and promoting a setting where individuals can express their artistic talents.

  • ~~Providing training and workshops geared toward improving literary and artistic development.

  • ~~Creating an environment that invites and retains first rate talent.

  • ~~Building a fund for underprivileged individuals to attend literary events and workshops.

  • ~~Informing the community of the importance of reading and the impact it has on an individual's life.


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