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Step Up~ K T Brown

Step Up
What you going to do when I take the first step?
You just going to sit there?
Or do something about it?
It truly doesn’t matter,
I give it all that I got.
Overconfidence is weakness,
That’s why I go full throttle.
Talk is cheap like chump change getting spent.
I hear your words but I hear nothing coming out of it.
You think I’m intimidated,
I’ll leave your words dry like the Sahara desert.
My flow is insane like my mind is in the asylum.
My game will step up,
That’s why I never look back.
I feel it inside of me,
I give it all that I got.
Thinking you got it made,
You tripping like a fall off a cliff.
Understand I’m stepping up my game,
I will never shiver.
Winter is very cold,
But my whole entire motive is the days of summer.
People always ask me,
“When you gonna step up your game?”
A good question, my game will step to the highest of praise.
I use to have nothing,
But it seems that I am wiser, more stronger.
My sway is everlasting.
My soul bleeds for the paper so I can’t be harmed.
I’ll go hard each time so stop and pay attention.
This is my motive, my theme.
I’m stepping up to what I believe in,
So there’s no harming me.
Understand I’m on fire like the earth’s core.
Copyright © 2012 by K.T. Brown.
Remembering Bren~ Kyle Sutton


 Remembering Bren
Bren, my life will never be the same without you.
You have gone to a place I cannot travel with you
but one day I will join you.
But until then...
To love you was a blessing to behold.
Kenneth "Juiceman" Jones
Red Car
Zipping around the corner stop
He sat so snuggly in.
The lady frowned intently so,
she must be hatin’ men.
The straightaway so fast did go
Until he heard the sound.
The red car stopped along the road
The cop did look profound.
“Yep, speedin’, sir,”, he said so low
“Ya  think,” did say the cop.
He said, “ I thought I’d let you know,
Back there, you lost your top.”
Kyle Sutton
Overwhelming  temptation
To do wrong is calling me
Dark voices, urges
Echoes from the deep
I cannot fight the feeling
I can't pull away
The desires getting stronger
Day after day
 My hands are sweaty
Fingers locked in a plea
As temptations play games
With my subjective needs
My will is in question
My mind deplete
Cravings drive my decisions
As deception takes a seat
How do I escape
From sins gaping gate
Except through prayer
And a strong dose of faith
Jerlean S. Noble

What Now God

I was thinking of questioning God one day
Got my thoughts together as to what I would say
Had a lot on my mind about this and that
But mostly, What now God?

I remembered how I made a mess of my life
How I cried to God as a battered wife
How it was when my husband just picked up and left
And I said, What now God?

I thought of my Big Ma, how sweet she had been
How in all I did she pushed me to win
How when she died I felt lost and spent
And I said, What now God?

Then my Daddy and also my Grandpa passed on
The rock of the family, the cornerstone
I know Grandpa and God had a special bond
I said Lord, What now God?

In the wrong direction my life took a swing
I started doing all kinds of crazy things
I found myself in a bottomless pit
I cried Lord, What now God?

Still spiraling, I drifted here and there
Saints I didn't know were sending up prayers
Then God said my child enough is enough
And drunk I said, What now God?

I lay in the dark in the stench of my sins
Then God breathed on me and the healing begin
I could feel the change as He opened my eyes
And I questioned, What now God?

God said, I allowed you to question my reason for things
Know all that you've gone through, there is a blood stain
My Son gave His life as a ransom for yours
You hear? That's what now God

I bought you, I've saved you, I own your soul
Yet you question me, you are very bold
But my mercy is great and brand new every day
That's also what now God

When you were battered I saved your life
That's why you're no longer that man's wife
You have no scars but the ones in your mind
And I replaced them with memories of mine

And your Daddy, Big Ma and Grandpa gone on
Their time was up, so I brought them home
I was always there every time you cried
It was my compassion that dried your eyes

I love you and others you'll testify to
That's why I've allowed all that you've gone through
There's someone that's walking in your old shoes
Now you know my child just what you must do

There's a young girl whose falling just like you did
And a pusher who thinks that he's living big
I've placed you right where I need you to be
To testify and lead them both to me

I've dressed you for battle with the living Word
Go out and tell others and bring some to church
I replaced your fears with power from me
You're no longer enslaved, you've been set free

You were set aside to do all that you've done
All of your battles I've already won
Now I've answered you daughter
All the things that you've asked
I chose to mold you just for this task

There are souls that are hurting and waiting for you
I've equipped you to do what you must do
There's no need to question for all this was planned
You’ve always been in the palm of my hand
Now you no longer have to inquire

Or ponder with reason or wonder why
The path of your life has been so hard
Or to question me with what now God.
~Jerlean Noble~


Dust and Flowers

I stood there looking down
At the stone of my life
She bore me, loved me
In spite of my ways
I need her now
To accept my change
But there’s only dust and flowers
I thought of God’s Word
Just how we are formed
How to dust we’ll return
'Cause from dust we were formed
How our days are like grass
When burned in the fields
Mom’s life is over
She’s not here to forgive--me
There’s only dust and flowers
~Jerlean Noble~
~The poem, a reminder of Psalms 103:16~


A Statesman Has Died


a statesman

has died

thin he would look

everyday with his


change his


bring us

a respite place

this minister ordained

his wonderful day in our neighborhood

30 years

would explain

to the precious

and parents too

civility      compassion

honor       confidence


a statesman

that would take the time for

developing minds

one year after the firestorms

these were repeat images

ever so conscious

his mission the young

this short tribute

dear rogers

will miss your smile and gait

as you sing

it is another

wonderful day in the neighborhood



john m. starino


Rapier Rapids ©2005


Do You Love Me?

Do You Love Me?

Standing there before the crowd

I spoke of God's own plan.

The thoughts and stories weren't so strange

still, the crowd got out of hand.


I spoke the words you yearned for then;

a love for God is needed.

A kingdom with the Lord is sure

if His word for you is heeded.


The Pharisees had shared a plot

against the things I'd said.

They didn't like the way I spoke.

They wanted Jesus dead!


Those who seemed My closest friends

were far away that day,

the one on whom I'd build My church

had lied and turned away.

I cannot really blame him much;

the plan was firmly set

when Peter stood and thrice said 'No'

 the last day that we met.


I would not say the words they sought

I could not tell a lie,

I took the sins of all the world

with a twinkle in My eye.


They lashed Me with a whip of steel,

they knocked Me to the ground.

They spat and kicked My body there;

they gathered all around.


The crown I wore was made of thorns,

the blood did stain My face.

I couldn't turn away from God,

I knew about this place.


I knew the reason for My plight;

I saw it long before,

A peace was placed upon My heart.

I knew what lay in store.


My mother cried when I walked the street,

My friends were lined there, too.

I dragged the cross through streets of rock;

I knew My time was through.


I fell before I reached the hill...

The hill where I would die.

A man was pulled 'way from the crowd

his heart began to cry.


I walked alone to Calvary;

the place where I met God.

He held Me in His loving hand

just giving Me a nod.


The nails were driven through My hands,

the pain was oh, so great

Yet, never did I wonder if

I was not for this fate.


I knew My God and Father saw

the pain that I was in,

His heart was full of love for all,

'Good Riddance' to your sin.


I hung there high above the crowd;

My head fell to the side.

My mother knelt below My feet;

her head hung as she cried.


"Forgive them, Father," I said right then,

"They know not what they do."

I raised My head and praised the Lord,

His plan was sure and true.


My love for Man was proven there

amid the hate and pain,

My Father gave His only son

to free sin with blood's stain.


I want to know just who I am

that you can turn away,

Do you doubt My life, My death?

Am I alive today?


The truth is known within your heart;

A place where I should be.

I'll ask this question once again,

"My friend, do you love Me?"

~Kyle Sutton~


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